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Zoe was involved in many major storylines during her time on the show, including the deaths of her father and brother Frank (Norman Bowler) and Chris (Peter Amory), the betrayal and departure of her stepmother Kim (Claire King), coming out as gay and a battle with schizophrenia. Zoe's family move to Beckindale, while she is at university studying to be a veterinary surgeon.

Following her graduation, Zoe also moves to the village and finds employment at a surgery in Hotten.

He chooses Charity over Zoe and she becomes depressed.

Zoe then begins talking to her deceased father and she sets fire to the church.

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After seeing the baby during a scan, Zoe changes her mind and decides to put the baby up for adoption instead.When Zoe notices Jean is crying more often, she takes her to the hospital and is told that Jean has a couple of broken ribs.Syd Woolfe (Nathan Gladwell) eventually confesses that Jean's injuries occurred when he and Chloe took their eyes off her when they were together. Scott realises that he is Jean's father and when Zoe finds out she becomes convinced that he raped her.Charity becomes aware that Zoe knows the truth and tries to seduce her.However, this does not change Zoe's mind and she testifies that Charity killed Chris. She later gives birth to Zoe's nephew, Noah (Alfie Mortimer).

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