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In each episode Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test different myths to see if their actually true or just made up. They do a great job in making the whole thing crazy and funny. That is a good thing as it then gets more personal. It gives the impression that they're focusing at documenting the experiments and not on the look of the show.

NASA and NOAA are engaged in the biggest fraud in science history, and this needs to end now that criminals are no longer in control of our government.It's a bit like a geeky science teacher who talks in loud whacky voices and wears rotating bow-ties in an attempt to enliven an otherwise dull subject - the effect is only to make him look geekier and his subject duller.And ridiculous facial hair for entertainment value is best left to cricketers, Borat and the Village People.Despite the negativity of my tone so far, the program is not completely awful.On occasion it does feature items of passing interest. A fine show, co-hosted by an up-for-anything redheaded seeming goofball (who's actually quite smart and occasionally capable of startling arrogance) and a muscular, mustachioed pain in the a**.

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