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To save us all time and effort, I thought I would compile a list of all the posts that will appear on this thread to save us all from the bother of writing them. I think about him all the time and post on Live Journal and Fan Forum. I hate the way all the Gale fans put Hal down and want to cut him out of a reunion movie. The scenes between Randy and Gale were so steamy they could not have been acting. You are all sick and twisted and need to die in a massive grease fire that feeds off your blubber. And nobody cares about it anymore.[quote] but some of those things are true and some aren't R12 I was hoping we could all just agree to disagree and move on from there. You see R18, you are starting to do the whole GALE IS BI post on here now and you are just itching to list those posts and then expound on why you believe he is bisexual as per my summary in R8. But it is terrible to be stalking these people's Instagrams and Facebooks just in the hope of finding photos of him. It is not our fault his niece/friend's wife/college roommate did not think to make them private.If you do still feel the need, please feel free to copy your favourite and paste it into your new post. He has no chemistry with any of the actresses he’s had sex scenes with, only Randy. As R13 points out:[quote] They look like the 10th season of a bad TV series, where the actors and the story are always the same. So I thought I'd spare us all the constant and pointless bickering. Then a GALE IS STRAIGHT poster will come on and tell you that those posts are ridiculous bullshit and list all the reasons he is straight, as per my summary in R8And the whole thing will start all over again... One more STOP POSTING PICTURES YOU STOLE FROM HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. That wedding/birthday party/dinner party was posted by someone who is not famous and he just happened to be there. And why do you care if I check Hugo/Scott/Dmitri/Alan/Dave/Mia/Jennifer/Holland/Jessie/Faye's social media every day? They posted those photos to the public and I have every right to share them as I see fit.There's a lot of "complaining" about him on here that sounds like rejoicing. Well to be fair The Secret Circle was 2012 (which I thought was a good show by the way) & Defiance was 2014 (though they didn't keep him) - so these shows weren't that long ago. As funny as 8's list was, it wasn't like nobody noticed this pattern already, Even before this thread I was considering making a copy of my Gale contribution and just pasting it at every applicable opportunity.Unfortunately, QAF was the only TV show he was in that didn't get cancelled. And to reply to the question posed by 57 aka 8, it IS fun to argue the same points over and over and over and over.Feel free to check his IMDB profile for a complete listing of all that he has done.I believe he has done a couple of shorts that nobody will ever see.

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But it's the truth and I am still as big a fan of his as you are. Randy broke it off because Gale did not want to come out. You can tell they are in love from the way they look at each other. Here is a clip of Randy saying "I love you" to Gale on Larry King. That’s why the sex looks hotter than his other shows and films. They are older than him, overweight and unattractive. No one in the audience speaks English very well and his answers are quirky or rude, depending which side you are on. Speaking about that I just remembered another thing r8 can add to his list - Gale and kids - there was someone claiming that Gale has a grown up son, and someone else said he's impotent or something. It's a shame that he never got into doing more theater work like Randy. Wish he'd do more theater."Adoptable" is a web series that Scott Lowell wrote and stars in along with Noah Wyle from "E.I heard this is going to be the last one that Elke will be doing.I find it interesting, well, odd actually, that when QAF was airing and they had a convention in Toronto during the first season neither Gale or Randy attended.So I guess all there is to do is criticize others, cause heaven forbid anyone should call Gale on his shit.Randy is the only one of the main actors going to the convention in Toronto. Not even Peter or Bobby Gant are going to be there.

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