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Hip hop is simultaneously a new and old phenomenon; the importance of sampling tracks, beats and basslines from old records to the art form means that much of the culture has revolved around the idea of updating classic recordings, attitudes, and experiences for modern audiences.Sampling older culture and reusing it in a new context or a new format is called "flipping" in hip hop culture.We report new U–Pb Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) zircon data from the oldest known eclogites (the ∼2.0 Ga Usagaran eclogites, Tanzania) that constrain the timing of high-grade metamorphism, deformation and exhumation of these eclogites and constrain the speed of these processes at this critical period in Earth history.Direct dating of metamorphic zircon from mafic eclogites, and isostructurally recrystallised zircon rims from pelites and felsic gneisses indicates that high-grade metamorphism occurred at 1999.1±1.1 Ma.Hip hop music follows in the footsteps of earlier African-American-rooted musical genres such as blues, jazz, rag-time, funk, and disco to become one of the most practiced genres worldwide.

The 5th element is commonly considered either street knowledge, hip hop fashion or beatboxing however it is often debated.

The Bronx hip hop scene emerged in the mid-1970s from neighborhood block parties thrown by the Ghetto Brothers, a Puerto Rican group that has been described as being a gang, a club, and a music group.

Members of the scene plugged in the amplifiers for their instruments and PA speakers into the lampposts on 163rd Street and Prospect Avenue and used their live music events to break down racial barriers between African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Whites and other ethnic groups.

Critic Greg Tate described the hip hop movement as "the only avant-garde still around, still delivering [a] shock" of newness to the wealthy bourgeoisie.

Ronald Savage, known by the nickname Bee-Stinger, who was a former member of the Zulu Nation, coined the term "six elements of the hip hop movement".

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