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This conclusion, and the palaeographical basis of Thiedes arguments, will be the focus of our response.

In particular we shall examine the manuscripts appealed to by Thiede as palaeographically similar to P64.

While documentary papyri such as private letters or receipts often contain a date, there were fairly strict distinctions made between writing styles used for documentary purposes and those appropriate for literary works. We shall investigate the manuscripts appealed to by Roberts as comparable with P. It appears to have been Roberts who first suspected that the two manuscripts were part of the same codex; subsequent correspondence with Roca-Puig confirmed this beyond a doubt and a date late in the second century was agreed.

The steadily increasing numbers of New Testament manuscripts on papyrus and the confident allocation of dates by the various handbooks can obscure the fact that we have no absolutely secure dates for any NT manuscript on papyrus. Turner in favour of a date in the later second century. 17 in section V; for the moment we simply note that in terms of procedure, Roberts first identified the style and then by comparative palaeographical analysis attempted to ascertain an approximate date, after which he appealed to other scholars to confirm his research.

In this context new arguments together with appeals to newly discovered datable parallels and a call to reassess old conclusions should be welcomed as an inevitable requirement of New Testament scholarship. Oxy 2683) the honour of being the earliest manuscript witness to any of the synoptic gospels.

While in most cases neither certainty nor precision can be attained it is normally possible to allocate an approximate date and to give a range within which the document can be dated with a reasonably high degree of probability. The History of the Discussion In addition to highlighting the potentially radical implications of Thiedes dating of the fragments, this article referred to the lack of attention given to the manuscript by scholars. Different studies have discussed the significance of its paragraph divisions, The similarities of script, size (c.

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