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Batman, who only arrives in the last few pages of the tale, arrives before Jonny Frost—and hence the reader as well—learn any of the answers to these questions.

All these plot points are kept from us; they aren’t the point. Superheroes and correspondingly supervillains are largely static characters.

He talks about his early days of pimping on the street and complains about the work of running things. He says, “There’s a lot of things people in our position can get away with…

aside, a look at what might have been if the earliest interpretations of these characters had been maintained, an interesting and alternative “take” on the familiar, but by no means come to the material expecting . For all its appearances, it belongs to a different world entirely.

For this reason, the best stories, the ones that rise above, from “A Scandal in Bohemia” to “Human Nature/The Family of Blood,” are the ones that afford us special glimpses into the internal workings of our heroes and villains.

In this context, this kind of incomplete slice of life narrative, though I am rarely fond of it, can work if the slice is from a world that matters.

Personalities like Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Faced Nelson were the inspiration for the Penguin, Two-Face and other of Gotham’s criminal kingpins (and for the aforementioned Dick Tracy’s Rogues Gallery as well).

Graphic novels like —have come to be accepted by fans and critics as comprising an essential body of work, into which the most deserving new stories may be slotted and against which all new works are judges.

, with art by Lee Bermejo, is definitely the big Bat graphic novel of the year, and the antidote to all that R. Naturally, he gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Jonny Frost is a thug who volunteers to pick the boss up when he is somehow—inexplicably—released from Arkham Asylum, and who thinks that by proving himself to the Clown Prince of Crime he can become a made man himself.

The most hard to swallow aspect of the tale—how the Joker managed to get declared sane in the first place—is avoided by his simple refusal to explain whenever he is asked.

Nor do we ever find out exactly what he is planning, or how he intends to carry out his threat to kill only one half of Harvey Dent.

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