Ink dating test

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" By Trevern Dawes "Inkjet printing continues to improve in quality and affordability, but the questions over print life persist.

Trevern Dawes examines the situation, outlines the current accelerated fade testing methods and summarises the practices recommended to promote maximum print life." View 6-Page Article Download 6-Page PDF Final print permanence test results for the new HDX inks printed on a variety of media will be posted on the WIR website as soon as the data become available toward the end of this year.

Stephen Johnson of Pacifica, California, making one of his large panoramic prints with an Epson 10000 in his fully-equipped studio and gallery.

Johnson currently uses a Better Light digital scanning back for ultra-high resolution photographs.

Salon Iris in Vienna, Austria, one of Europe's first digital fine art printmakers.

Sam Sinclair and Stefan Fiedler, founder, printing with an Epson 9600.

And 21% said they’d give the “presidential” method a try, whereby marriage vows last for four years but after eight you can elect to choose a new partner.

The UCC256303 from Texas Instruments is a fully featured LLC controller with integrated high-voltage gate driver.

It has been designed to pair with a PFC stage to provide a complete power system using a minimum of external components.

and The Center for the Future technical publications will be incorporated in updates to this document.

Download 1487-page PDF 153 MB Updated February 15, 2015 "The Wilhelm Research Archives - Vol.

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