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A horrible kisser has the power to destroy, but a great kisser can seal the deal.

An amazing first kiss can elevate dating from mundane to magical.

More recently, I got turned around in the complex West Village (West Village streets are not named after numbers, and the streets curve-totally confusing).

Landmarks provide structure and direction for chronically lost souls like me, and do so in relationships too.

But, when it's sincere and timed correctly it's a beautiful thing.

Meet The Parents - Meeting the parents is a signal of a long term relationship.

A friend of mine almost broke up with her boyfriend on a trip to India.

Since then, she's learned that he can't handle airports.

This Earth World is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness.

No one wants to deal with "what ever happened to that great guy/gal that you brought around? Once you introduce someone to your family, they become a bigger part of you.

Year Anniversary - The year anniversary is a huge mental hurdle, and is symbolic of your relationship lasting through all sorts of tests.

It's common to return to the scene of the first date to propose or celebrate an anniversary.

Landmarks are sometimes hurdles: they can end a relationship if you can't pass them, or make a relationship stronger if you can pass them.

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