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Ruth attributes the operation to an evil scanner named Darryl Revok who, Ruth says, has his own underground network of scanners competing with Con Sec's program.He argues that Con Sec should recruit scanners to their cause to infiltrate and bring down Revok's group. Ruth brings in scanner Cameron Vale, a homeless social outcast driven mad by his undisciplined power, and injects him with ephemerol, which temporarily inhibits his scanning ability and restores his sanity.Obrist and Vale are ambushed by Revok's men and abducted.

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Vale realizes ephemerol also causes fetuses to become scanners when administered to pregnant women.When Con Sec officials attempt to take the "volunteer" into custody, he kills them and escapes.Stung by this embarrassing experience, Con Sec security head Braedon Keller advocates shutting down Con Sec's scanner research program. Paul Ruth disagrees, saying the assassination and escape demonstrate scanning's potential.Since the production design team had no time to build sets, in some instances the crew had to drive around looking for things to shoot.As a result, Cronenberg has said, Scanners was a nightmare to make.

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