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In general, issues raised will concern French-language critical approaches that can be applied to comics scholarship in general — the semiotic works of Thierry Groensteen, for example, provoked a prolonged debate — or works in French, and generally available in translation, that raise broader universal issues, such as retro-historical censorship () or formal innovation (Moebius).Prior to widespread web-based communication, other forums had also blurred the boundaries between the study of US comics within the popular culture remit and what could easily be perceived as the direct equivalent in French.[…] Il me revient l'honneur, en commençant ce colloque, d'orienter le débat clairement pour éviter qu'il ne dévie vers un résultat mitigé, et pour que cette imposture soit démasquée sans ambiguïté.

Roger Sabin's magazine — in comix terms a London underground comparable with that of the US — pronounced BD culture and Ninth Art status as a guiding light, before shutting down in 1989.Either way, BD-related academic events flourish and, perhaps more importantly, so do BD sessions at generalist colloquia, or even conference keynotes with French comics as theme.BD as a microcosm of academia in general can be gauged by the shift towards and swift development of online scholarship, in the form of electronic journals, discussion forums, or multifunctional websites, all of which will be discussed below.The University of Florida's Comix-Scholars list, a wide-scale online forum embracing primarily but far from exclusively North American-based academics, might serve as a rule-of-thumb indication.As could be expected of a largely unmoderated listserv, postings — sometimes several dozen a day — vary in style and quality, ranging from in-house bickering, self-promotion, and trivialities to erudition and critical acumen of the highest order.

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