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It was Canada's first telephone company business office, opened in 1877 as a predecessor of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada.

After being moved to the Bell Homestead it was converted into an adjunct museum on the development of telephone technology.

The commemorative plaque was unveiled the following year by Queen Elizabeth II during the 150th anniversary year celebrations for the birth of Alexander Graham Bell.

Melville House has been described as "..shrine, where lingers the spirit of the great inventor".

As I look back upon it, visions come to me of the Grand River and of Tutela Heights and my dreaming place upon the heights where visions of the telephone came to my mind.

Alexander Graham frequented his "dreaming place", lying on a roll of carpet with a pillow and his books.

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The farmhouse and its farmland were acquired for preservation as a museum in 1909.

and then took the Grand Trunk Railway to Paris, Ontario, residing at the parsonage of the Reverend Thomas Philip Henderson.

Henderson was a Baptist minister and close family friend who likely went to school with Melville in Scotland, and who had previously invited the Bell family to immigrate to Canada.

Professor Alexander Melville Bell, a Scottish-born British authority on speech and elocution, immigrated to Canada by steamship in July 1870 with his family and daughter-in-law, who had been widowed by the death of Bell's eldest son from tuberculosis in May of that year.

The family's youngest son Edward had similarly died of tuberculosis three years earlier, and during their departure from the British Isles their middle son Alexander Graham now appeared to be faltering from the same disease.

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